Plan Canada

Plan and its partners are working in Tanzania, Mali, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh to help mothers and their babies get the skilled health care they need to survive birth and remain healthy. With greater knowledge about safe pregnancy, support from their male family members, and faster access to higher quality health services, these women and girls will reduce health risks related to child birth.

Ground Computing has worked with Plan to build a critical element of the project's monitoring system - an online, real time database to track the progress of health and results indicators.

Medic Mobile

A non-profit creating connected, co-ordinated health systems in the developing world. It's been our pleasure to help the team leverage the full power of Kanso and CouchDB for decentralized, offline-enabled systems.

Medic Mobile work in areas where a lack of infrastructure impacts the efficient delivery of healthcare. In these often isolated and rural communities being able to work both connected and offline is essential.

Dene Dictionary

Working with First Nations in the Northwest Territories, Ground Computing and DataCitizen worked together to record and reinvigorate a language under threat.

Flying out to Délįne, a remote community on the western shore of Great Bear Lake, we were able to develop and test a system for delivering a lightning fast user experience to a location only connected via satellite. Now, with an interactive dictionary including audio and photo uploads, we hope to connect more communities to this network.

Water Quality

Ground Computing have been working with DataCitizen and the Government of the Northwest Territories to provide citizens with up to date water quality information.

The project includes tools for community monitoring and reporting, as well as the communication of data to stakeholders. We are improving the management and discoverablitiy of Traditional Knowledge in the area by developing software for recording and geo-tagging information in real-time.

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Ground Computing specializes in providing data synchronization and offline-enabled software. We develop and contribute to open-source technologies which make it easy to work with multiple data stakeholders and in difficult environments.

Our experience makes us particularly suited to projects involving Open Data initiatives, community engagement, data collection in the field, and working on the move.

Successful technology projects are about the people that use them. We aim to empower people with software, not encumber them. This means using locally appropriate technologies and avoiding a dependence on central services where possible. Get on with the job, whatever the circumstances.